Happy Birthday to Girish

I decided to bake a cake for Girish for his birthday. What a stupid but nice idea. 🙂

Well making the cake was a huge fiasco. First of all the eggs – the recipe expected me to fold the eggs – if you are trying this for the first time with 6 eggs and with a whisk, my advice – DONT. Second, don’t shake bottles when it doesn’t tell you to. I ended up shaking blue color somehow – either while driving it home or while moving things around … boy it came out like a jolly blue fountain all on my kitchen walls and floor. I spent the next hour cursing and cleaning. Third, my icing decorator kit was so useless. It blurped and mewed but didn’t do anything exciting. All my plans of a fantastic decoration of the cake turned out gooey.

But in the end, it came out ok. We ate it, liking it and I swore that I’ll never attempt making a cake like this again. Maybe I’ll try somehow else.
Here are the pictures:

The ingredient list:


And here’s the finished result:



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