Mysore Pak

This is Mysore Pak after my second attempt at it. First time I think there was way too much ghee and I ran out of patience with the sugar. This time it was much better – I talked to Mummy for the recipe and here it is:

On the plate

And here it is – ready to eat… yummm!

mysore pak


Place mats

I made these placemats for our dining table. It is lined with machine washable interfacing and can resist some bit of water.


A closer look at the mat itself:


Three pices of fabric cut and sewed together.

I used a satin ribbon between the middle and top and bottom pieces:


Girish picked the fabric, and some of the design. I did the hard work. 🙂

The table runner for this is still under works. Until then, Bon Appetit!

My quotes board

We got a photo frame from Ikea, chalkboard spray paint and some masking tape.

Masking tape to to make the 4×6 gap for the pic and spray painted the glass of the photo frame with the chalk board paint. Volla!



That’s on my kitchen wall. 🙂

Halloween 2012

Our pumpkin carving this year:


Check them out. From easiest to hardest:

dsc_4464 - copy dsc_4472 dsc_4459 dsc_4465

This time we discovered timer based votive led candles. They turn on each day at 5PM and stay lighted for 5 hours. Was really good.

Dashera 2012

I made Kadubu and Chakli for Dashera this year.


Kadubu was quite yummy, but the outer cover, the batter was too thick. Not sure if I got it right.


Chakli as usual came out well. Nothing great about it either.

Ganesha 2012

Our lovely standing Ganesha for 2012:


And his mouse:


All ready for Pooja:


With flowers from our new backyard:



These are the cushions covers I made for the La-z-boy.

If you remember this post:





I made cushion covers for these cushions. Here they are:



The center rose took me long while to make, but it paid off. But one of those projects which told me I desperately need a serger. 🙂 Oh well! How the money keeps getting spent.





Marble Falls

Marble Falls is a trail in Sequoia National Park.  It is so perfect in Spring. It’s an 8mile hike and has some breathtaking views of the valley along the way to the falls itself. That seemed perfect for some quilling. My first attempt at quilling alphabets:


Here’s a closer view of the butterfly and flowers:



Quilling really tests your patience, but in the end, the result is so gratifying. Our picture frame decorated:


Happy Sankranthi 2012

Mummy gave me some of her acchu (moulds). So I made the sakkare acchu (sugar candy) for Sankrathi. It came out really well. I added some color to it too.

It didn’t come out well initially but eventually it turned out well.




Happy Birthday to Girish

I decided to bake a cake for Girish for his birthday. What a stupid but nice idea. 🙂

Well making the cake was a huge fiasco. First of all the eggs – the recipe expected me to fold the eggs – if you are trying this for the first time with 6 eggs and with a whisk, my advice – DONT. Second, don’t shake bottles when it doesn’t tell you to. I ended up shaking blue color somehow – either while driving it home or while moving things around … boy it came out like a jolly blue fountain all on my kitchen walls and floor. I spent the next hour cursing and cleaning. Third, my icing decorator kit was so useless. It blurped and mewed but didn’t do anything exciting. All my plans of a fantastic decoration of the cake turned out gooey.

But in the end, it came out ok. We ate it, liking it and I swore that I’ll never attempt making a cake like this again. Maybe I’ll try somehow else.
Here are the pictures:

The ingredient list:


And here’s the finished result:


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