My favorite so far

This took a very long time to do and I am pleased with the results.

It first started with printing the fabric with stencil and fabric paint. I put up a far shot of the printing …


and a closer look at it. I used fabric acrylic water based paint.


And now for the top. I’ve begun to become a fan of tunics – with ruffles and such. This one is a waist cut, ruffles on the lower portion.


It works well over comfy tights or skin fit taper jeans – black. It would also go well with a neck stole tied to the side rather than the front.

One more pic of it:




Market top

I’m not really sure what’s a good name for it, but I guess it’s a good one to wear when you go shopping or go to the the market!

There’s an elastic at the sleeve and at the hip.

market topmarket top

The neck is an old fashioned folded satin.



Princess Seam shirt

I made a shirt from the design of my old shirt and tried to recreate it with the fabric I bought. It didn’t come out quite as I expected, but well, it’s wearable. :)

princess seam shirt

The sleeve I made a variation from my old shirt. This is my own idea here:



Cushion covers

The sequence work took me ages! Boy!


Here’s the second one:



Short kurta salvar

This one’s a short kurta salvar. The top is chiffon with lining – of course. :) The salvar is parallels.

Short KurthaAnd here’s what the neck looks like:




I’m transferring all the posts from my older blog here coz my server doesn’t seem to be able to take it all.

The dates are quite off since I transferred them all over a few days and didn’t bother changing the publish date. The order is right though.

It’s all there and that’s what matters. 🙂

Here goes… Enjoy!


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