My Inspirations


Invisible zipper and Sew facing with invisible zipper and More on sewing invisible zipper

Rouleau Pocket

Ginger waist band with flat piping

Scalloped hem

Corded pintuck

Bag making and other tutorials

Sewing tips roundup

Constructing basic trouser block

Globe sewing pattern

Oil cloth storage bin

Adding lacework to neck

It’s sew easy TV show

Pam Damour – Decorating Diva for home decor work

Vintage undergarment howto

Make your own leggings

Sewing facing tutorial

Paper Craft

Hand made paper

Fun paper ornaments

Paper cutting fall decorations

Origami Globe

Crochet and Knitting

Crochet trims

Crochet along tote

If you want yarn…

Tahiki Stacy Charles knitting

Knitting 101

Beaded edge – the preview section has a video

Sketching, Drawing and Painting

Some stencils that were spray painted. But well worth trying the idea for other projects

Drawing techniques


Making buttons

If you want foam…

Carpentry – it’s amazing!

Paalakkad Iyer cuisine recipes

Interesting Indian recipes

Embroidered coasters

Some amazing stencils for sale


Transfer images to fabric

Very cool website for embroidery


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